How to Double Your Confidence in 5 Minutes with The OFC-Method

Learn more about how we did the experiment here.

Here’s what I’ll send you in my coming emails:

  1. How to avoid awkward silence and conversations hitting a wall
  2. How to get past the small talk and actually start bonding
  3. Why conversations die out and what to do about it
  4. Why people stop keeping in touch after a while and what to do about it
  5. How to stay in touch with someone you’ve just met in a natural way (and how to meet up again without forcing it)


In our course “How to Talk to People & Make Friends With Them“, you’ll learn how to talk to people and connect with them—even if you don’t know what to say or get stuck in endless small talk.


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  1. I mean… it’s not really what I’m struggling with but alright 🤷 it’s more just when I’m talking with my friends and when I’m trying to contribute with the conversation and a lot of the time no matter how much I repeat myself they never seem to hear 👂 I’ve heard about what I might be doing wrong but I don’t think it’s true, because one person in my friend group always talks about herself is a huge pessimist and gets mad if we don’t listen yet she’s pretty much always at the center of attention there must be something else I’m doing wrong

    Lol I know none of you really care about some Joe shmoe on the internet’s problems 🤣 I just wanted to get that off my chest 🤷

    • I don’t know if you noticed this but you ended with a negative comment about yourself. Thinking that people wouldn’t care about some Joe Schmoe on the internet…..I think some people get uncomfortable with comments like that because they think either A)this person is fishing for sympathy or validation or B)this person has very low self esteem and many people aren’t sure how to respond to comments like that. So, I’m not sure if you didn’t realize that you did that and maybe you do it often unintentionally and that’s why people act like they don’t hear you?

  2. I will use this from now on, I think I have reached the point where I am tired of hiding in the crowd avoiding direct conversation. OFC is my new motto for meeting others.

  3. I like this initiative a lot, from now on I will use the technique. Right now I’m suffering from severe social anxiety disorder and this also led to my depression, glossophobia, nyctophobia ….etc.(yep I have many phobias) . I lived in terror of this social Anxiety disorder for up to 12+ years but now I think this is enough. I could have even made a lake of the tears I shed in my life.
    now I really am angry as to why I am a soft speaker. I’m sick and tired of repeating 1 thing many times to the person ahead cause they cant listen. the best friend I have always dominated me she always shouts at me furiously in front of everybody and makes the air awkward for me, never lets me make new friends if someone new tries to ask me something, my heart beats too fast, and I feel like praying that the earth will break open and gulp me inside very very far from this social world. oh wow I feel good after sharing this. but now I will try and bid sadness goodbye.

  4. This is awesome. I was already doing this before learning about the OFC term, but now I’m going to actually take this technique and use it in a social setting

  5. As for me I have it bad people talking around me in a circle and I’ll be just quit nervous and all I do is smile and laugh if it’s funny but I also feel like nobody likes me cause I’m quite they don’t even talk to me something so I just feel more nervous I often feel alone as will even though I have my husband I just feel like I’m boring must of the time I just look at it like I’m different from the others and I wanna sometimes be like other people like laughing talking and stuff like they do but just gets to me that I start hating my self and going down into my depression stage and people don’t understand what we go through because they not like us …

  6. I always find myself not laughing and enjoy peoples jokes. Talking more of myself and family. From a gathering come back with no friends even if i talke
    d to a lot

  7. As an introvert I easily gets bored talking with other ppl and most of the time I don’t know How to start a conversation to break the silence. I think I’ve made a right choice by opening this page , Hope this OFC steps working … Thank you David ✨


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