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4 thoughts on “The danger of high confidence and low self-esteem”

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  1. This helped me realise.. I value myself a lot, I have quite high self esteem and I’m fairly confident too. Yet my “self” confidence is rock bottom. I have no belief in myself or my ability and feel everyone can see I’m useless and a waste of space. I admire people who are skilful and talented and feel invisible in comparison. I was always confused that I could feel this way and yet still somewhat stubbornly value myself. I understand a lot better now after reading this and I see that if I were to set some goals and achieve them my self-confidence would probably increase. The problem with such a low self confidence is that it does end up knocking your self-esteem. If you have any books to recommend in particular for me I would appreciate it. I’m 27 and female if that helps with the recommendations.

  2. Hi David, I’ve been reading through all of your blog posts and have found them immensely helpful. Some of the posts, however, recommend affirmations and some don’t. I’m confused.

    • Really glad to hear you found my blog posts so helpful! Affirmations is a complex subject. So I generally never recommend them because it’s mostly bad, especially for people with low self-esteem. But they do have their uses and I think you may have been confused when reading some of our other writer’s articles? Or maybe some really old article? But I commend your attention to detail, I hope you keep calling me out when I contradict myself. I appreciate it.


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